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NFT Display
NFT Display
NFT Display
NFT Display
NFT Display
NFT Charging Dock
NFT Charging Dock
NFT Charging Dock


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🔍  Problem

Despite an onslaught of social media coverage, podcasts and all-around mainstream saturation, let's be honest, the value of NFTs remains questionable. There is something tangibly missing that makes the whole experience incomplete. At the end of the day, we know collecting something physically adds more value, because, frankly, it will be around longer than we will. 

💡  Solution

MyMoMint card allows you to own digitally, while collecting physically. A tangible card makes sense and just feels right! We are combining the best of both worlds: the nostalgic feeling of a trading card look and feel, partnered with a revolutionary digital experience. 

MyMoMint card is perfect as a desk accessory, man cave piece and collector's item! Showing off your digitally owned moment has never been easier or looked better! 

🔑  Details

Dimension: 6.5x3.9 inches
Material: LCD screen + Acrylic frame
Battery: 280mA 
Screen: 1080 * 1920 LCD
Weight: 0.92lbs 

🔌 Charger Details
Size: 2x2x1.3 inches
Weight: 0.77 lbs
Material: ABS + PC
Output Power: 7.5W
Own Digitally, Collect Physically